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Im Takin Suggestions from players in game here they are!!

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Im Takin Suggestions from players in game here they are!!

Post  Owner Pure on Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:58 pm

1.3rd age,
2.aincent staff. Very Happy <<<DONE!<<
3.fun pk
4.more xp per theive, more cash when higher they sam 1m more
5.custom party hats (i got lava)
6.diffrent pk zone
a)1v1 where you cant run,
b)multi where you have to run to a lever or something,
7.maybe g.e(i said nah tht would be boring)
8.custom armour(dragon diff colour)
9.dbow higher hit(app its better then claws)(gta hit higher then it)...
10.More Staff Due To Spammers.
11.::hangout zone.
13.staffcapes!!(ive got codes for)!
14.More Shops With Customs(ive got 200more customs)!
15.IpBan For Mods+(due to spammers) + any over commands that will help...
16.Enable Trade!!!! Smile <<<DONE!<<
More To Come Im Askin More........
any more reply please!! or pm me many thanks,

ign:Owner Pure. santa
Owner Pure

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Post  PIVOT on Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:35 am

My suggestion is on the new server.Have the King Black Dragon drop items like the ones you have to buy with pk points.

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